February 12, 2016

Measuring Success

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How Philanthropists Can Measure Performance
What is the best way to evaluate grantee performance—and your own—when the clear markers of success can be a moving target? Our guide offers important considerations and helpful advice.

Steve Hilton on Measuring Philanthropic Impact
Don't just look at the surface—such as the provision of wells for clean water—says Hilton. If a woman pours her clean water into a dirty jar, then impact is lost. You need to “try to understand what's happening further down.”

Geek Cities: How Smarter Use of Data and Evidence Can Improve Lives
More and more forward-thinking cities are using hard data and evidence to steer funding decisions and set priorities. The result is innovation and delivery of better services to their residents.

How Metrics Can Encourage Innovation
Co-founder of the Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation Jenny Shilling Stein discusses how a learning agenda can help funders and grantees adjust metrics to foster experimentation, learning, and adaptation.

Philanthropist Padmini Somani on Changing a Social Norm
Padmini Somani, head of two different foundations, discusses the nuances of using data and measurement to determine strategy.

The GreenLight Fund: Proudly Not Invented Here
What is the best way to help proven nonprofit models spread to new cities? John Simon tried several tactics—and then invented a new approach.

Mario Morino on Why Philanthropists Should Help Nonprofits Focus on Outcomes
Venture Philanthropy Partner's Founding Chairman believes that excellence must be self-imposed and that donors should help their grantees create a results-focused culture.

Getting Better Over Time
To be a successful philanthropist, you’ll need to make good decisions about how to spend your money, time and influence. But you also need a means for constantly getting better over time.


“Be Fearless”
Jean and Steve Case risk failure for the sake of transformative change.

When to Redefine Success
Emmett Carson prefers adaptive strategies to all-or-nothing stands.

Making a Difference
How Herb Sandler’s ProPublica drove Governor Schwarzenegger to action.

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