February 12, 2016

Profiles of Effective Philanthropists

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Spotlights on Philanthropic Strategies
We delve into the philanthropy strategy of remarkable philanthropists such as Melinda Gates, Darren Walker, Pierre Omidyar, and a host of others, to provide important philanthropic lessons for all funders.

The New Breed of Philanthropist: Younger, Innovative, and Involved
More philanthropists are getting serious about giving at a younger age, and they bring with them an innovative mindset to solving social problems that they're using to forge new paths.

How Four Philanthropists Are Innovating Medical Research
Philanthropists provide only a small percentage of medical research funding, yet they may well prove crucial to the future of medical research. Four donors show how.

Video Interviews with Remarkable Givers
In frank and candid conversations, leading philanthropists share how they include family, choose causes to champion, work with grantees to implement their vision, define success, and measure results.

Carrie Avery on Getting Dramatic Results with Relatively Small Grants
The Durfee Sabbatical Program highlights how one foundation gets the most out of philanthropic dollars.

Philanthropist David Rubenstein Recommends Giving More Than Money
David Rubenstein says, “I tell everybody if you want to be a good philanthropist you don't just have to give away money: Give away your time, your energy, your ideas.”

The Bold Philanthropy of Laura and John Arnold Embraces Risks and Bets Big
The LJAF's founders seek transformational change in their philanthropy. To achieve the results they seek, they take a portfolio approach that includes a high tolerance for risk.


A Collaborative Philanthropy
Michael J. Fox and Deborah W. Brooks believe in involving patients.

Engaging in Philanthropy Today
Bernie Marcus explains why he gives while he lives.

Keep Support General
Paul Brest and the Hewlett Foundation help pay nonprofits' heating bills.

The Case for Family Planning
Melinda Gates says empowering mothers to plan their families is crucial.


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