February 20, 2018

Pay for Systems Change - Summary

By linking payment for social service contracting more closely with performance, governments could build a stronger market for outcomes and get more for their, and our, money.

{^widget|(name)BSG.PersonalizedCard|(Path)%2fPersona-Widget-Content%2fImpact-Investing%2f%2525|(TilePosition)right|(widget_displayname)*+Personalized+Card^}Doing this would require that governments clearly define and measure success, build data-driven program designs, and invest seriously in performance management. It would also require that governments get energized and creative about unsexy things like collaboration, data, and procurement. In particular, they would need to:

  • Buy longer term 
  • Smash budget siloes
  • Zone in on outcomes 
  • Price differently
  • Make data useful
  • Get creative with financing
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