December 5, 2013

Social Good: 15 Ideas for More Effective Philanthropy


By: The Bridgespan Group
ONE Tweet (or email) “thank you” to a grantee.

Too often, we assume that others know we appreciate their great work. That is why, perhaps, so many good deeds go un-thanked. Grantees are often the ones on the ground, doing most (if not all) of the heaviest lifting. As a show of your appreciation this holiday season, tweet a public thank-you note to one of your grantees. (And yes, if you don’t use Twitter, you can write an email instead). We are sure that the grantee will appreciate it.

For more on how to bolster your relationships with your grantees, read our new publication, The Donor-Grantee Trap.

Day 1: Double a grant to an exceptional grantee (without being asked).

Donors often wonder whether their grantees can do more with less. But how about giving your best-performing grantees a chance to do more with more? Could doubling their grant result in more than twice the benefit?

It’s worth finding out today.

3 Recommend a great grantee to another funder.

The number-one reason people give is because they were asked. If one of your grantees is getting terrific results, help spread the word to someone who might be making their first donation this season.

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