June 16, 2011

Unlocking Philanthropic Potential: Making a Case for Getting Better

By: The Bridgespan Group

This week, Tom and Joel had the pleasure of being interviewed by Charlie Rose. As usual, Rose zeroed in on the heart of the matter at hand, in this case the six questions that can unlock philanthropy's potential.

I know you're supposed to love all your children equally, but Tom made a strong case for the power of Question 6. Asking "Am I getting better?" is a great test question—are you complacent or are you a learner? Do you brag about your victories or ask how you can do better next time? He cited Jennifer and Peter Buffet's NoVo Foundation, and you can read more here about their journey of trying a path, getting feedback from the field, and making hard decisions to course-correct over time. 

One of the most common related questions I hear is "How should I measure success?"  We've also provided a fun checklist that can help get you started.

I'd also invite you to view the full Charlie Rose interview.  We'd love to hear your reactions.

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