Racial Equity: Culture

We use trainings, dialogue, the engagement of external leaders, and other approaches to create a culture where everyone feels equipped to engage on issues of race and racial equity.

As leaders engaged in social justice work, each of us at Bridgespan is on a journey to resist, combat, and heal from the effects of racism. This personal racial equity journey looks fundamentally different for people who have been the targets of racism than it does those who have benefited from and perpetuated it. We provide a variety of resources and forums to support all Bridgespan employees in their racial equity journeys.

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Racial Equity Working Group

The Racial Equity Working Group (REWG) promotes a racial equity mindset at Bridgespan, both internally and in our work with others. The REWG supports all staff on the journey of expanding their knowledge and improving their ability to discuss issues of race and racism.


  • Builds awareness of the ways that race and racial equity play out in key areas of our work through guest speakers, book clubs, and other opportunities
  • Nurtures a community of practice among staff to study, analyze, and discuss issues of race and racism in a safe and productive environment
  • Provides role models who demonstrate how to have productive conversations and build conscious community around issues of race and equity
  • Keeps a pulse on potential opportunities or barriers to developing a racial equity mindset in each office
  • Collaborates with leadership to define our core beliefs about racial equity
  • Supports recruitment and retention of people who can contribute to our community of practice
  • Provides space for staff to grieve and process relevant current events

For more information about our equity working groups, please contact us via email.

India Equity Working Group

The India Equity Working Group (IEWG) promotes the adoption of a gender and caste equity mindset within our Mumbai office. The IEWG supports all staff on the journey of expanding their knowledge and improving our ability to discuss issues of gender and caste.

For more information, please contact Prachi Taparia at [email protected].

White Accountability Learning Collective

The White Accountability Learning Collective (WALC) is a dedicated space for white employees to continue their racial equity learning journeys without burdening colleagues of color. WALC participants meet in small groups of five to six people for one hour per month to discuss a topic related to racial equity, with a particular focus on the role of white privilege, including power dynamics in multiracial dialogues, microaggressions, white identity politics, and cultural appropriation. WALC designs these groups to be relevant for people at all stages of their racial equity journeys. Group members commit to meeting regularly for at least nine months to allow time for accountability and personal growth.

Inclusive Culture Committees

The Inclusive Culture Committee (ICC) in each office leads efforts to promote the more inclusive culture that is critical to our racial equity strategy and global mindset work. Specific efforts vary by office, but we have four consistent, key goals:

  • Create greater buy-in and shared understanding around office norms to produce more inclusive behaviors where every staff member, regardless of role, feels valued and seen
  • Improve feedback across lines of difference to ensure under-represented groups receive equitable and asset-based opportunities for growth
  • Translate our commitment to racial equity into action in our day-to-day interactions
  • Create team environments that are engaging, psychologically safe, and build relationships and connections among team members