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Transforming Government School Education in Rajasthan: Rajasthan Adarsh Yojana

09/17/2018 |


The Rajasthan Adarsh Yojana is a holistic effort to improve government education in Rajasthan through systems reform. The initiative focuses on improving governance processes associated with education, reducing teacher and school leadership vacancies in schools, and improving school infrastructure.

This profile is one in a series of eight that illustrate several unique roles that bold philanthropy can play in surmounting India’s many social challenges. Though identified in the Indian context, these roles are so foundational to the global philanthropic ecosystem that they can be thought of as archetypes of bold giving. You can learn more about these archetypes in our report Bold Philanthropy in India: Insights from Eight Social Change Initiatives.

Primary Philanthropists:

Michael & Susan Dell Foundation (Dell Foundation), Central Square Foundation (CSF)

Grant Amount:

INR 27 crores (USD 4.1 million) from the Dell Foundation, INR 152 lakhs (USD 225,000) from CSF

Primary Focus:



Strengthen/reform systems Rajasthan Adarsh Yojana aims to transform the quality of education in government schools across the state of Rajasthan through a series of holistic measures intended to improve the governance of schools, ensure adequate teachers and principals, and upgrade school infrastructure and learning.

Key Partners:

  • Department of Education, Government of Rajasthan
  • The Boston Consulting Group

Why Bold?

The Rajasthan Adarsh Yojana intends to improve the quality of education for 4.6 million students in 9,895 government schools across Rajasthan. The philanthropists are holistically supporting the government to strengthen the education system of Rajasthan. They have decided to focus their capital towards augmenting the government’s core capabilities, which should ensure long-term impact.

Key Learnings:

  • Collaborate effectively with key government stakeholders for systemic change
  • Focus on strengthening administrative infrastructure, which provides a foundation for other reforms
  • Build the system’s capacity to sustain change
  • Use data to support behavioral change at multiple levels
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