June 27, 2024

Season 4 of Dreaming in Color Podcast Highlights the Power of Mentorship and the Arts for Leaders of Color

Host Darren Isom—and three guest hosts—interview Erika Alexander, Tarik Ward, Mia Birdsong, and others about how counsel and creativity have helped them drive impact.

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BOSTON—June 27, 2024—The Bridgespan Group today launched the fourth season of its Dreaming in Color podcast. Hosted by Bridgespan Partner Darren Isom, the podcast creates space for leaders of color to share how they have leveraged their unique assets, abilities, and rich experiences to demonstrate excellence, drive impact, and model success in the social sector.

The fourth season highlights the role of mentorship and creativity. “Last season gave us a wonderful view into the next generation of leaders and the bold ideas and strategies they are implementing to advance the work," Isom said. “This season, we continue that theme by exploring how mentorship—both across generations and peer to peer—grounds us in the work and steadies us on the path to success.”

The role of the arts is also a focus in Dreaming in Color’s latest season. Several guests are or have worked as artists—musicians, painters, and actors—and draw on their creativity to advance social justice. The season’s first guest, Color Farm Media co-founder and actress Erika Alexander, known for her iconic role in Living Single and more recent films, including American Fiction, talks about the importance of storytelling, reparations, and greater equity, inclusion, and diversity in the media.

"Fifty years ago, within the Black community, so many of our social justice leaders came from the church. It was the preachers that we, as a community, entrusted with envisioning a new and better world to offer us hope and healing,” Isom said. “It's interesting to see now how that very critical role has been passed to the artists, and it's so inspiring to see the beautiful world they are reimagining and stewarding us into."

Joining Isom this season are three guest hosts from Bridgespan: Nithin Iyengar (partner and San Francisco office head), Angela Maldonado (partner), and Jasmine Reliford (manager).

The eight episodes of Season 4 will be released on Thursdays across all major podcast platforms. The guests, in order of appearance, are:

Learn more about Dreaming in Color: https://www.bridgespan.org/dreaming-in-color

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