Helping Foundations Collaborate with Other Funders

Collaborating with other funders can often result in greater impact and social change. Whether it is an informal collaboration or building a multi-donor philanthropy platform, collaboration brings more resources, more capacity, and more leadership to the issue at hand. Having supported many highly successful philanthropic collaborations, we have the experience to identify whether and how to collaborate to achieve the results you seek.

How We Support Funder Collaborations

Collaborations can be complex and require experienced facilitation and navigation. When the time comes, we can help you pursue collaboration in a number of ways.

  • Designing and Launching: We assist in identifying the core value proposition of a funder collaborative and the rationale for how philanthropic resources will lead to social impact. Often we help lead a conversation about increasing the focus on the most marginalized populations, evaluating how race, ethnicity, gender, and caste contribute to inequities.
  • Sourcing and Vetting Grantees or Investments: We can help you to identify high-potential nonprofits, NGOs, and leaders—explicitly casting a broad net to identify leaders most proximate to the issues they seek to solve. We also screen grantmaking opportunities based on the collaborative’s criteria, and incorporate lessons from our work on racial disparities in philanthropy.
  • Working as Part of the Core Operations Team: We provide staff support for ongoing operations, as needed.
  • Planning for Impact: We can assist grantees that need operational support and provide a wide range of guidance before and after they receive grants from the collaborative.
  • Developing and Sharing Knowledge and Tools: We provide guidance on effective measurement and assessment approaches.

What Blue Meridian Partners Has to Say About Working With Bridgespan

“Bridgespan has been our trusted partner in aggressively expanding the scale and scope of our philanthropy. They work closely with us to hone our philanthropic strategies, then they do the follow through...doing the deal sourcing and diligence we need for crisp decisions. Their insights have multiplied our philanthropic impact—and it’s a lot more fun now with experts at our side.”

Nancy Roob, CEO of Blue Meridian Partners

Funders Bridgespan Has Helped Collaborate

We have had the privilege of working with many foundations on their collaborations and helping them to increase their social impact.

Bridgespan's Funder Collaboration Experts