In 2015, The Bridgespan Group opened an office in Mumbai, its first outside the United States. We chose Mumbai for our global expansion in response to encouragement from practitioners and philanthropists in India and the United States. From our engagements in India, we hope to learn from, contribute to, and support mission driven organizations, NGOs and funders committed to improving the quality of life for millions of Indians. We expect to gain insights unique to India that others can learn from as well as find common threads that bring Bridgespan’s expertise to bear in the Indian context.

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For Donors

The Bridgespan Group collaborates with foundations and donors to start, expand, or reorient their philanthropy. We support donors seeking to increase the scale of their giving and to make their philanthropy more effective and efficient. Our areas of focus include education, skilling; children, youth, families (including livelihoods); public health; and global development. Within each of these areas, we pursue our work with the goal of scaling social impact and a passion to bring about equality of opportunity.

We help donors make big bets for social change.

We help donors improve grantee performance.

We work with donors who want to expand or reorient their philanthropy.

For NGOs and Social Enterprises

The Bridgespan Group collaborates with social change leaders seeking solutions to some of the toughest issues communities face. We focus on improving the results of social sector organizations by helping them to scale their impact, designing organizations for effectiveness, and building strong leadership capabilities.

We help NGOs create strategies for scaling impact.

We help NGOs design for effectiveness.

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